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About Real Estate Two70

Real Estate Two70 was started by Rick Robinson in Rexburg, Idaho. Rick has been in real estate since 2014 and has been blessed with great success during his career. He co-founded Team Greene Real Estate in 2016 which eventually re-branded into Idaho Agents Real Estate in 2021. He has served his local realtor community as President of the Upper Valley Realtor Association in 2021, President of the Snake River Regional MLS in 2021, and was also awarded with the Realtor of the Year award in 2021. 

Rick was born and raised in Corona, CA. He enjoyed an adventurous and very active childhood in California. After graduating from Santiago High School, Rick moved to Rexburg, Idaho to attend Brigham Young University-Idaho for 2 semesters. He then decided to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was called to serve in the Argentina Buenos Aires West mission where he served for two years and was blessed to learn the Spanish Language. 

After his mission, he returned to Rexburg where he completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Finance, earned his pilots license, and also married his sweetheart, Jalissa. After graduation Rick worked in the Demand Side Management industry where he managed a company that was able to shift power in the grid to areas that needed it most, helping cities avoid blackouts during peak energy season. 

After several years in that career, he decided to follow his dream of going into real estate. Rick obtained his real estate license in 2014 and went to work as an agent at a local brokerage. 

Rick has two wonderful children and he is absolutely crazy about them! Family is everything to Rick. He loves to spend time with them, travel, go to the lake, go on cruises, explore the mountains in the side by side, really anything that involves spending fun time with family. 

Rick is also the creator of the Robinson Family Light Show, the largest Christmas light show in East Idaho. Rick first created this light show during Covid as a way for families to get out and do something fun together since just about every other activity had been cancelled. The show has grown year after year and now attracts thousands of visitors every Christmas season. 

Rick is passionate about real estate, about growing real estate companies, and looks forward to serving East Idaho homeowners, buyers, and agents. 


The Meaning Behind the Name

By Rick Robinson

The number one question I get asked is if there is meaning behind the number 270. The answer is YES. I'll quickly share the history behind this number and how everything came about with Real Estate Two70.

I had been running a successful brokerage for several years along with my business partner. We founded Team Greene Real Estate, then as we grew we made the decision to re-brand to Idaho Agents Real Estate. Things at the company were going great. The company was growing year after year and we were the largest brokerage in Rexburg. In the Fall of 2022, I kept receiving a strong impression that I needed to leave the company and start a new brokerage. To my rational mind that was a ridiculous thought. I kept pushing off the thought and chose to ignore it. It didn't make sense to leave something that I had worked so hard to build with my business partners. However, the impression wouldn't leave. 

In September of 2022, I went on a trip with my family to Alaska. It had been my dream to go there! And it didn't disappoint. As I was enjoying the breathtaking scenery of Alaska during that trip, I found myself having lots of time to ponder my career. The impression kept coming back that I needed to leave. This time stronger than ever. I tried hard to push that thought away because I didn't want to leave my company. 

As the week went on, I started noticing the number 270 just about everywhere I went. On signs, buildings, milk cartons, etc. I had no idea what 270 meant or why it kept standing out to me. But it was everywhere! After several days of this number driving me absolutely crazy, I decided to find out if there was any sort of significance to that number. I jumped on a computer on our cruise ship and asked Google if there was a meaning to that number. This isn't a normal thing I'd do. But the number 270 was in my face so much that I had to at least find out if there was a meaning. 

The very first link I clicked on said the following: You may get confused about whether you should listen to your heart or your mind. Your brain and your heart may not always have the same decision for you. But, when you have been sent the number 270, it means that you must unhesitantly listen to your intuitive thoughts and not to your inner wisdom.

It means that following what your heart is saying, your gut feeling will fetch you much more than your mind’s rational and justified decisions will. And, if you are fearing or doubting that the consequences will not turn out appealing, then remember that this sign or instruction is from your Guardian Angels.

I about fell out of my chair. That was such a direct answer to how I had been feeling and the impressions I had been receiving. I took it as a very clear answer. So while on that trip I began to prepare to come home and ultimately depart from the successful company I helped to build. And I never looked back. 

As my wife and I discussed names for the new company, once again that number kept coming back to us. Ultimately we decided to name the company after that experience. Real Estate Two70. 

Now, one more crazy part. There have been many times recently that someone has been asking about the name. I tell them the story about the name, and after I finish they point to something right by us that says "270" and they say "whoa, thats crazy." It has to make me believe that this is what I am supposed to be doing and that the name, although extremely unconventional, is the name I needed to have for my company. 

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